How to Choose the right coolSculpting® provider

In just the two weeks that The Contour Day Spa has been open, two guests have chosen us for their CoolSculpting® treatments after visiting other providers. Why? Because of the personalized attention and careful evaluation they received, as well as the absence of a high pressure sales pitch.

So how do you choose the right CoolSculpting provider? There are several factors actually. CoolSculpting is as much of an art as science. Your results are based on 30% technology and 70% technician. Your CoolSculpting outcome is definitely dependent on picking the right provider.

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The Contour Difference

With CoolSculpting, you want a specialist, someone who does nothing other than CoolSculpting day after day, because experience matters. How many technologies does the practice offer? Have you heard the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none”? At Contour, CoolSculpting is all we do. We went all-in with CoolSculpting because we love the technology and strongly believe that specializing in this technology will give our guests the most desirable results.

But your outcome also depends on which applicators the technician chooses, how many applicators will appropriately cover the fat tissue, how many cycles they suggest you do to achieve the outcome you want, how they place the applicators, and how they perform the post-treatment massage.

Investing in Technology

Does the provider have all of the newest applicators or just a couple, and multiple machines so you can be treated faster and more comfortably or just one? This is the difference between being cutting edge or buying machines to have in the office as an upsell to clients seen for other services. Not investing in the latest and greatest equipment is a strong indication of their lack of commitment. 

One of the guests mentioned earlier was told she would need 5 cycles. But whoever conducted her consultation left her in street clothes, which, lets face it, often squishes and squeezes us in all the wrong places! The person never used templates to determine exactly how her fat portrayed itself, so there was no way to truly know which applicators would successfully treat her areas of concern. They also didn’t address whether she would need two treatments in certain areas because of the volume of fat she wanted gone. Thank goodness she called us (and yes, hearing her experience broke our hearts)!

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Our Promise

So now that you know how to choose the right CoolSculpting provider and why it’s important, we have something to add that could make all the difference. It’s the biggest factor, actually, to us and hopefully to you. It’s The Contour Promise. Ask other providers what happens if you don’t see results from CoolSculpting. You’ll probably get a blank stare. But we offer a written guarantee because we stand behind our work and will do everything in our power to make sure you see a reduction of fat. And because we think it’s the right thing to do. 

If you choose The Contour Day Spa for your CoolSculpting transformation, you will have a team of certified specialists helping you achieve your best possible results. Promise.

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