Why CoolSculpting? The Science & The Success!

If you’re reading this, you likely found The Contour Day Spa because you’re looking for ways to get rid of unwanted fat, where diet & exercise may not have helped. Sure there’s surgery, but that may be way outside your comfort zone and budget. Are there other procedures? Are they safe? What does science say? What are the success rates? 

At The Contour Day Spa, we specialize in CoolSculpting®, the world’s leading non-invasive fat reduction procedure. It is FDA-cleared, non-surgical, and there is little to no downtime. CoolSculpting is a branded form of fat reduction called cryolipolysis: using freezing temperatures to break down fat cells. Cold does not damage other cells in the way it does fat cells, so there is no damage to the skin or underlying tissue.

During the procedure, our specialists use light suction to draw the area of fatty tissue into an applicator that cools the fat cells. These fat cells die and are naturally flushed out of the body. You will start to see results in as little as four weeks, but the true transformation can be realized in four to six months.

Proven Results - The Science and the success

Hundreds of medical studies have reviewed cryolipolysis. It has even been compared to other non-invasive procedures that use heat, light or radio frequency for body contouring. Researchers consistently find cryolipolysis patients experience the lowest levels of discomfort with the highest success rates. The science and the success rates support CoolSculpting’s efficacy.

CoolSculpting has been around for nearly 10 years and the treatment has been performed more than eight million times! It is used for body contouring and fat reduction in 80 countries.  CoolSculpting works! Because it is respected, trusted, and safe, it continues to be the leading technology for non-invasive body fat reduction worldwide.

We believe so strongly in CoolSculpting that it’s the only service we offer. Our sole goal is to help people transform their body, gain confidence and feel comfortable in their own skin. Contact us to begin your journey today. 

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