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At The Contour Day Spa, we truly care about getting to know you, discussing your body goals, and showing you some before & after photos with real and lasting results.  Then, we’ll help you set proper expectations so you can determine whether CoolSculpting® or Morpheus8 (or both!) is a fit for what you want to achieve. 

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Consultations need to take place in-person, but they are complimentary, no pressure and no obligation. We will determine if you’re a candidate for CoolSculpting® by ensuring you have pinchable, treatable tissue and explain what fat freezing can do for you. For Morpheus8 microneedling on your face or body, we want to see you to understand your goals, evaluate your skin and plan your treatment. 

Click the consultation button below and choose which service you’re interested in.

If you’re not sure which treatment you need (or you’re interested in both fat reduction and skin rejuvenation, schedule a Combined Consultation and we’ll do a thorough evaluation and discuss your options.

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