Celebrating 100 coolSculpting® Cycles

Celebrating 100 CoolSculpting Treatments

Before November ended, The Contour Day Spa performed more than 100 CoolSculpting® treatments! Yes, we just opened on October 1st, but in barely two months we welcomed so many amazing people to Contour. They were eager to learn about CoolSculpting and how the FDA-cleared fat freezing technology could help them reach their body contouring goals. 

Men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes have had their arms, abdomen, chin, love handles, thighs and flanks treated. (Each CoolSculpting® cycle is one treatment, so the words are used interchangeably.)

Some of our guests started to see results as early as 30 days after their first treatment, even though it takes about 3-4 months to fully flush the treated fat cells from the body. A number of them are on their second round of treatments and looking forward to realizing their transformation. 

Over 8 million treatments have been performed worldwide, and we love being part of that! Contour is solely dedicated to CoolSculpting because we are committed to providing an exceptional experience, by paying keen attention to detail in order to achieve outstanding clinical outcomes for our guests. 

Now it’s your turn! Come meet our certified CoolSculpting specialists and experience The Contour Difference for yourself!

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