Advanced Training at CoolSculpting® University

CoolSculpting Technicians at The Contour Day Spa
Lori Bailey & Wendy Rose are Contour's Certified CoolSculpting Technicians

A few weeks ago, Lori and Wendy, Contour’s certified CoolSculpting® technicians, flew to Reston, Virginia, for three days of advanced training at CoolSculpting University. The official Allergan™ program was designed to provide expert insight on patient assessments and treatment techniques to obtain the best possible results. There was no formal training or certification available just a few years ago, so we are glad that the CoolSculpting specialists at Contour have completed such a high level of education in all aspects of the CoolSculpting journey.

CoolSculpting History

Part of CSU included a look back at the history of CoolSculpting, which certainly boosts confidence in the procedure and equipment used today. Extensive research and development has been done on cryolipolysis, also known as fat cell death. It began with the hypothesis that fat cells are hypersensitive to cold – more so than skin, nerve and muscle. Two renowned Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School dermatologists determined the optimal time and temperature at which to treat pockets of fat, measured the treatment’s safety and efficacy, and developed the CoolSculpting system. Over the years, equipment and procedures have been refined, as more and more research was done. We are proud that Contour offers the newest, most advanced technology, allowing us to provide patients with more comfort, greater effectiveness and shorter treatment times.

Clinical Studies

In the nearly 10 years since CoolSculpting was introduced, more than 5,000 patients have been treated in 100+ peer reviewed clinical publications. With more than eight million treatments performed worldwide, CoolSculpting is the most proven technology for non-invasive fat reduction. CoolSculpting remains the only FDA cleared treatment to eliminate fat using a patented, cold technology. It’s also important to note that Allergan holds and licenses exclusive patents worldwide on fat removal through cryolipolysis. If you hear of other treatments that claim to be similar, know that they’re not even close.

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Training and Results

Completing CoolSculpting University refined our patient assessment techniques and further enhanced our ability to provide treatments that yield transformational results. Our goal at Contour is to provide an excellent CoolSculpting® experience. You can be confident that you will be treated by professionals who have gone through extensive, advanced training and pursue continuing education as it becomes available.

The Contour Team at CoolSculpting University

It was humbling to have the opportunity to attend CSU so soon after our launch. But this allowed the Contour team to become an elite level provider of CoolSculpting. 

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